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PAyapa at MAsaganang PamayaNAn

PAMANA is the government’s peace and development framework that aims to respond and strengthen peace building, reconstruction and development in conflict affected areas (CAAs) as well as sustain all on-going governance and development initiatives on the ground.  Its main strategy is to bring back government in these communities by ensuring that they benefit from improved delivery of basic social services and are served by responsive, transparent and accountable governments on resource allocation and utilization, alongside economic development efforts.

The Government is adopting a two-pronged approach: (1) negotiated political settlement of all armed conflict through peace negotiations; and (2) undertaking programs aimed at addressing the root causes of armed conflict through interventions on the ground to strengthen peace-building, reconstruction and development in conflict-vulnerable areas.

The PAMANA Program, as embodied in the Philippine Development Plan for 2011 to 2016, was launched as the National Government’s framework for intervention in conflict-vulnerable areas to complement the peace negotiation efforts in line with its commitment to address the causes of conflict and issues affecting the peace process. The Program will be implemented within the 5-year period from 2011 to 2016.

As the complementary track to the ongoing peace talks, PAMANA shall be implemented in areas which correspond to five (5) peace process lines.

PAMANA aims to contribute to lasting peace by achieving the following:

  1. Reduce poverty and vulnerability in conflict-affected areas through community infrastructure and focused delivery of social services;
  1. Improve governance through partnerships with national and local institutions, building capacities for governance, and enhancement of transparency and accountability mechanisms; and,
  1. Empower communities and strengthen their capacity to address issues of conflict and peace through activities that promote social cohesion.
  1. The Program/Projects


Under the PAMANA Program, the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries-ARMM has a total fund allocation of PhP262,180,000.00 for CY 2013 to fund the 305 projects of which Maguindanao has a share of 22 units, Lanao del Sure has 205, Basilan has 11 units, Sulu has 2 units, and Tawi-Tawi has 3 units and community trading post of 62 units ARMM wide. These projects are composed of farm-to-market road, postharvest facilities, and livelihood. Projects are being implemented through various modalities either by memorandum of agreement, by administration, and/or by contract whichever is applicable

For CY 2014, a PAMANA-ARMM Program had allotted DAF-ARMM PAMANA a total amount of PhP148,960,492.00 to fund various agricultural livelihood project for the MNLF Communities in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao. PAMANA Program Management Office (PAPMO) under the Office of the Regional Governor entered into Memorandum of Agreement with the DAF-ARMM with attached Approved List of Projects so that the latter procured the various project items through public bidding and distributes the same to the identified beneficiaries.

  1. Operational and Policy Guidelines

The PAMANA Program is provided with Implementing Guidelines entitled as follows:


Brief Profile of the Responsible Persons in the Unit

Name                                : Engr. Guiomla S. Satol

Designation                       : Regional Focal Person

Other Work Assignment   : Small Scale Irrigation Projects (SSIPs)

Name                                : Fatima D. Alilaya

Designation                       : PAMANA Staff/Report Officer

Other Work Assignment   : SSIPs Staff

Work and Financial Plans for the past 3 years


PAMANA 2013                       Php 262,180,000.00

PAMANA – MNLF (1) 2014          Php 18,432,180.00

PAMANA – MNLF (2) 2014               Php 77,076,075.00

 ADMIN COST – PAMANA MNLF 2014       Php 2,865,247.65

TOTAL            Php 360,355,502.65